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I have a specific interest in how a space can modify human emotions, able to create excitment, joy, peace or creativity. French-native, English-fluent and World traveller, I regularly travel to the Eastern world to get inspirations and "out of the box" ideas, feelings, technics, colors, smells or textures.
We all travel on this beautiful spaceship called Earth whose Architecture is a human creative bi-product. I work at merging Architecture with Nature, I use Sun, Water and Winds and explore practical, innovative and sustainable ideas.

From the dream to the idea, from design to construction, I work with local partners, interior decorators, artists, project managers, landscapers, structural engineers etc.
I question things and love creative intuition too.

Insured as a registered architect.
Please do not hesitate to call me
Whatsapp : +33658668962.


Béarn, Pays basque (64)

Minervois-Corbières (11)

+33 658668962 (fr, eng)

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architect riviera antibes english

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