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We are pleased to share with you some pictures of our collaboration with the RAWimpact charity, a great NGO based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, run by Troy and his team. We designed some of their buildings with locally sourced materials, we help manage teams on site on a volunteer basis. 
Below is an extract of one of our great adventures with Troy's team, working on the biggest project of the charity so far, a school built to welcome 200 kids who would otherwise have no place for education. Back in 2014 we spent 5 months on site designing and helping manage a rather atypical build site :) 
How satisfaying though to now see the kids queuing to go and grab enthousiasticly all the pieces of knowledge that will forever change their lives for the better. 
Please visit and join this amazing adventure on or call us for more info.
SALT SCHOOL - 200 KIDS - 2014


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